Actress Pan Lingling goes for surgery to remove cyst from breast

SINGAPORE - Singapore actress Pan Lingling confirmed in an interview with local reporters that she has had surgery to remove a growth found in her breast, and had to take three months of sick leave to recuperate.

According to Shin Min Daily News, Pan had been cast in a drama series titled "Sudden" but had to be replaced when she took sick leave for the operation.

She said that it was a cyst, and not a tumour, that was found in her breast. The 43-year-old said she found out about the cyst when she noticed a lump in her breast during a routine ultrasound check-up.

It is a common affliction that affects ladies and they are not harmful to the body, she said. However, the Chinese daily reported that she decided to undergo an operation to remove the cyst to attain peace of mind.

Shin Min also reported that this is not the first time Pan has been afflicted by cysts in her breasts. She said in an interview that when she was in her twenties, she had a smaller cyst develop in her breast. The cyst back then was about the size of a green bean, and she had it removed.

According to reports, the cyst that was recently removed was about the size of a 10-cent coin.

Pan, who has had a Caesarean section before, said the pain of the cyst removal surgery is trivial by comparison. 

In 2012, fellow actress Jeanette Aw revealed to The New Paper that she discovered a hard and painful lump in her right breast, which turned out to be a cyst. In her case, a needle was inserted into her breast to extract the liquid in the cyst and was hospitalised only for a few hours.

News of Pan's health problems surfaced earlier this week when reports quoted the producer of Sudden as saying that Pan took about three months' leave for health reasons.

"She's always been quite low-profile and we didn't discuss her health condition. It was a personal issue... "

"We're also worried that she might need sufficient rest, so we didn't contact her directly and (did so) only through her management. "I did see her on and off, and she looked okay," said Ms Leong Lye Lin.

However, Pan's husband actor Huang Shinan had denied reports of her needing surgery to remove th growth and attributed her absence to a flu and cough instead. 

"Didn't everyone see her at The Star Awards show?" the Chinese newspapers reported Huang as saying. He also reportedly denied that Pan took extended medical leave.

Meanwhile, Huang Biren told reporters Monday morning that she found out about the growth after she went for a body-shaping session before The Star Awards Show 1.

Huang was told by therapists that her abdomen seemed disproportionate.

She then went for a check-up and discovered a cyst the size of a tennis ball in her kidney. She was told that if she didn't have it removed quickly, the cyst could get inflamed, which might lead to complications.

The day she was discharged from hospital was the same day that the funeral of veteran actor Huang Wenyong was held.

The actress said she decided to withdraw from the series because her doctor was worried her wounds would not heal properly and the filming locations were in Malaysia and China, which would make it inconvenient if she needed post-operation consultation.

Huang said she had initially decided to take on the role because her three children are now in school and she was able to better manage her time.

"I wanted to pursue my personal interests, since acting has always been my passion."

"But Huang Wenyong's death has made me realise that health is more important, so I decided to take time off to recuperate."

"Don't worry, you'll see more of me soon!" said Huang, who last appeared in Chinese drama series Mars Vs Venus in 2007.

Health has been one of the recent concerns among local TV personalities.

In just one month, two veteran actors died from lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes.

Huang Wenyong lost the battle with the illness at the age of 60 on April 20, while Dai Peng died less than a month later on May 12. He was 75.

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