Family of oral cancer patient slam restaurant discrimination

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A man afflicted with oral cancer fell victim to discrimination as he accompanied his family on a birthday celebration dinner and was not allowed to enter a restaurant, the man's family said yesterday.

The incident occurred in an all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurant located in Hualien County on Dec. 18.

The restaurant's deputy manager, surnamed Wen confronted the man and denied him permission to sit with his family at the table, forcing him to sit in the waiting area, the family said.

Wen explained that due to the man's condition, which rendered him unable to ingest food, the man was not a paying customer and was therefore not permitted to sit in the dining area. To the outrage of the man and his family, Wen inform the man that a part-time employee would be tasked with monitoring his activities to prevent the theft of food, the family said.

Feeling insulted, the man's family contacted media to publicize the offence. Wen later apologised to the man by kneeling on the ground for seven minutes while putting forth her resignation.

In response the man chose to forgive Wen. The restaurant's management later expressed regret in the mishandling of the situation.

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