Height & body but not the looks: Woman goes under knife to become a model

SINGAPORE - Should a girl be condemned for going under the knife to chase her dream? That was the question posed by a woman who did just that to fulfil her ambitions of becoming a model.

According to an article on TieTie - seemingly penned by the woman herself - she spoke about how her 'big' face held her back from attaining her dream of becoming a model.

Despite possessing the height and body worthy of a model, her facial features - one of them, she says, were cheekbones that were protruding out too much - gave her a lot of grief whenever she looked into the mirror.

She decided to fly to South Korea for cosmetic surgery after she met a girl whose stunning beauty was attained by going under the knife.

The procedure was a success, and gave her a different look which helped her become a photography model.

While she has the support of people around her after they dismissed any notion of her being vain, she hopes to change the opinions of those who feel otherwise by writing about her experience.

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