Soupy doesn't mean healthy: How to make your steamboat feast less sinful

Soupy doesn't mean healthy: How to make your steamboat feast less sinful

SINGAPORE - Dietitians interviewed by The Straits Times have pointed out that even soupy dishes, which are supposedly more healthy, may not be entirely good for the health.

Salt is one problem, as soupy dishes tend to be high in sodium. Many so-called healthier choices contain paltry amounts of fibre, which is important for a healthy digestive system. In additon, if the vegetables are overcooked, they are stripped of their vitamins.

If you are doing your own cooking like during a steamboat session with your friends and family, take the vegetables out of the soup as soon as they are cooked to preserve the most nutrients.

Quick tip: You'll chalk up way more calories if you skip the vegetables section just to get your money's worth.

Another point to note is that steamboat feasts usually come with an array of processed meats such as meat balls and seafood balls. These are high in saturated fat, sodium and preservatives.

Instead, opt for fresh poultry and meat, and remove the skin and fat.

Want know more? Navigate steamboat feasts - Singapore's all-time, all-weather favourite - with these steamy dipping tips.

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