Woman regains confidence after going under the knife to remove 'bat wings'

You've heard of face lifts, but how about arm lifts?

It is the answer to flabby arms for women such as Alison Park.

The 48-year-old from Kent, England, spent 4,000 pounds (S$6,900) on bilateral brachioplasty - a cosmetic surgery procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms.

Park said that she put on a lot of weight after having four children.

Although she managed to lose the post-pregnancy weight, her arms remained droopy.

"I had to buy clothes that fit my arms rather than to fit my body, so going shopping was very depressing," Park said.

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Last June, she sought help from surgeons who removed 116g of fat from her left arm, and another 129g from her right arm.

And despite the permanent scars on the inside of her upper arms, the woman is happy to show her arms during the summer.

"Six months ago I would have never dreamt of wearing little short tops, now I'm looking forward to it," Park said.


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